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Infinity Imperium

A powerful energy creates the universe and together with it the Infinitians, an omnipotent race able to be anywhere in the universe. The Infinitians created life, five incredible races. But one day the Infinitians disappeared into nothingness and the five races......

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After the events of Infinity Imperium comes a pocket universe, in which the Planton are created! A form of plant life that wanders in space on the ground forms entire planets and solar systems. Going through......

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After the events of Infinity Imperium the human race wanders into the cosmos to find a home, the land has been destroyed and the factions remaining fight each other......


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After the events of Infinity Imperium a pocket universe is born, where caries evolve becoming sentient and fighting wars between other caries in the mouth of their victim until they conquer the entire mouth!......

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After the events of Infinity Imperium a pocket universe is born, Where Epy finds herself stuck in the multiverse, her search for the crystals of light will make him find her way home, between pitfalls and traps only the astuteness will allow Epy to......

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The O.Rs are a form of life of pure energy, created by the ancient five races. They serve to bring balance to the cosmos, but the Anti O.R negative energy wants to destroy the universe......



Matteo Carretti founded the Camagames in 2007, composed by Art, Music and programming
lovers with the goal of creating videogames. Within years, Camagames grew up collaborating
with many companies and collaborator, enriching and refining the development of various
multiplatform games. In 2015, the Team renewed itself in 2017 and became Camagames Studio, focused
on developing A/AA videogames.